Voiceovers for Democrats
Mike Matheson and Susan Andre. Two political voiceover pros with decades of experience. And they're good at it. Their candidates win.

In 2010-2011, Susan and Mike delivered wins for Joe Manchin, Harry Reid and Patty Murray--protecting the senate majority for Dems--as well as significant gubernatorial victories for Mike Beebe, Steve Beshear, Andrew Cuomo and Peter Shumlin.

In 2008, from President Obama to local mayoral races, Mike and Susan further established themselves as the premier voiceovers for Democrats nationwide, winning races in 45 states and unseating 16 Republican incumbents.

And they've got the gear that makes your job easier. Home studios with ISDN and phone patch. Private, secure and immediate FTP delivery in any format you need--24/7.

Here's a composite video demo of their stuff. For a more complete listen, click on Susan Andre, Mike Matheson or Political Voiceover Dialogues. Then contact Susan or Mike--or both. They'll make your job so easy, you’ll be glad you did.