Mike Matheson

Audio Demo

Once upon a time, about 18 years ago, after spending many years engineering, producing and voicing commercials in Chicago for everything from Scrubbing
Bubbles to Cheez Whiz, I was ripe for a change.
About that time, I received an unexpected but timely phone call from a long lost VO friend, Susan Andre, who was also in search of a new direction. Perhaps you’ve heard of her?
And Voila-Voiceovers for Democrats! Actually, it wasn’t quite THAT simple.
But with hard work, some good luck, strong teamwork and the trust and loyalty of a terrific group of talented creatives, who have not only weathered our incessant barrage of swag--and wine--but have continued to believe in each of us, Voiceovers for Democrats has survived and thrived.
I appreciate all the folks whose confidence and friendship have come my way and contributed to the story—and I'm looking forward to our next chapter together.
And, oh yeah—I’m also grateful that I answered that phone call 18 year ago.

Mike Matheson


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