Voiceovers for Democrats :: Susan Andre
Susan Andre. A self-described lock-and-load liberal who has worked for Democrats for 25 years but has voted for them her whole life. A true believer with a personal commitment to your candidates and causes.

2014 was a tough year for Democrats, but Susan voiced the campaigns for Pete Aquilar and Brad Ashford - two of only three democrats nationwide to take seats away from Republicans. She proudly read for Tom Udall, Mark Begich and Mark Pryor as well as Congressional candidates and PAC’s in 32 states.

Susan is available 24/7 from the first primaries through November. No midcycle vacations No unreturned phone calls. You and your candidates always come first. Plain and simple.

Something useful to keep in mind next time you need a voice. A voice with a single goal: to help you elect Democrats.

Susan Andre     866-283-4648

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